Japan Travel Diary: Kyoto and Nara

Japan Travel Diary: Kyoto and Nara

Every year, Fonzi and I make it a point to travel to some place we haven't been to together. For 2017, we booked a trip to Japan. It was our delayed "honeymoon" trip and my birthday celebration rolled into one. While planning this trip, a day trip to Kyoto and Nara was one of the non-negotiables. [...]


Ocean Park HK

  On my last day in Hong Kong (I had to come home a day earlier to attend a work event), Fonzi, Myx, Francis and I went to Ocean Park to enjoy a looong and hot day mostly eating and riding the extremes. It was such a hot day, my face got sun burnt so [...]

I Wish

With eyes closed, and hands clasped, I wish upon a bright new star. This star, which you have already met in my last post, is named ShopBack.ph. With over 300 merchants, this awesome online shopping platform is home to this year's 30th birthday wish list items. As you know, the list is something I make yearly, [...]

Shop ‘Til We Drop

Who else is addicted to online shopping? I know a lot of us, girls especially, just can't stop ourselves from browsing hundreds of stores online. A few clicks here and there and before we know it, we've already added items to our cart and proceeded to check out! Shopping is one of the best stress [...]