Shop ‘Til We Drop

Who else is addicted to online shopping? I know a lot of us, girls especially, just can’t stop ourselves from browsing hundreds of stores online. A few clicks here and there and before we know it, we’ve already added items to our cart and proceeded to check out! Shopping is one of the best stress relievers, but sometimes it is also the cause of guilt. *ahem buyer’s remorse!* Just recently though, I discovered an online shopping platform that will come in handy for online shoppers looking to save money. And in so many ways, the site is a win!

How, you ask? helps shoppers get the best deals and discounts from 300+ stores, and offers Cashback on top of this. The Cashback concept is literally “getting cash back” when we shop. It works by giving us back a portion of our purchase as Cashback which we can cash out through PayPal or our bank account. Wow, that’s a lot of cash backs right there! At first I didn’t really grasp the concept, but after watching this video, things became clearer.

This just means, guilt-less shopping can officially commence!

I’m particularly interested to buy my mom some items from some stores featured on the site. After a few hours of browsing through the stores, I zoomed in on three picks for her. First, a 24K Gold Wrapping Mask which was an Editor’s Pick at Althea, which gives 5% cashback. This sells for Php 800.


Second, a gold bracelet worth roughly about Php 495 I found on ASOS that she can wear as an accessory to her outfit for my wedding. This also has a 5% cashback.


Last, a Longchamp Le Pliage medium long handle bag in her favorite color, from CashCashPinoy selling for Php 1,499 with 2% cashback.




Let’s compute my potential savings, shall we? Php 40 for the mask, Php 24.75 for the bracelet and Php 29.98 for the bag. That’s a total of Php 94.73 savings for this purchase alone. I think it’s a good enough deal, don’t you?

Aside from shopping, the site also has some promos, and this one really caught my eye: a blogging contest with a chance to win up to Php 10,000! I think you now know what my next entry will be about.


Excuse me while I write down my wish list stat!



*all photos not mine


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