I Wish

With eyes closed, and hands clasped, I wish upon a bright new star. This star, which you have already met in my last post, is named ShopBack.ph.

With over 300 merchants, this awesome online shopping platform is home to this year’s 30th birthday wish list items. As you know, the list is something I make yearly, and to discover this site is just a joy. It makes achieving my list more possible. By simply shopping I get to instantly enjoy rebates or cashbacks from my purchases, straight to my PayPal or bank account. How is this possible? The commissions ShopBack earns from their merchants are shared to all buyers when they shop.

I’ve been logging in and out of the site for days now, and have since pinpointed my drool items for the year. Here goes:



Fujifilm X-A2 and Instax printer are definite list toppers. I’ve seen so many gorgeous photos using the camera, and what better way to keep the photos other than printing them right? Found both of these on Lazada where there’s at most 4.0% cashback.


I saw the new Nike Presto on Zalora, and suddenly remembered high school when I had 2 pairs of these. I can just imagine, the white ones would be the bomb! With up to 12% cashback, why not?

And of course, what’s a Kia wish list without makeup items in it? Becca x Jaclyn Hill Champagne Glow palette + Ikea Tobias Glass Chair + Ikea Alex 5-drawer = perfection. These and more from Sephora, with up to 10% cashback, and Lazada.

Ahh, I do hope these wishes come true.



*all photos not mine*


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