Halloweens Past

Halloweens Past

As a kid, I never really went to any Trick or Treating on Halloweens. Fast forward to today...I've been to three parties, three years straight. So I guess I'm kind of making up for lost time. Truth be told, I have always loved to play dress up. The idea of becoming someone else for a [...]


Stress Busting

It's been quite a month at work (Hello, Audit!) and as usual I've resorted to a bunch of stress relievers to keep the work-life balance going. De-stressing varies among people. While others would prefer the spa-parlor-short getaway routes, I personally lean towards other non-pampering options. I've been inserting some "me" time these past few days [...]

Birthday Wishlist

It's July! My favorite month of the year aside from Christmas, because it's my birth month. 😉 In true 'me' fashion, I've come up with a list of things I want to get myself. If you've read this blog before, then you'd have seen my Christmas wishlist from way back. There's just something about making [...]

Blue Belle

You know you're getting older when instead of debuts and proms, you start to attend weddings. Just this year, I've attended two of my colleagues' weddings, and both were equally beautiful. This one, was Feb and Verwin's. My friend Sarah and I were seated all the way back (mostly because we were rebels and didn't [...]